1st successful edition concluded


VRTECH is a series of events exclusively focusing on Virtual and Augmented Reality’s applications for Design and Manufacturing. It was held on 18th April 2018 at Hyatt Regency Pune and explored how VR-AR usage serves and empowers Automotive and Aerospace industries.


It received an overwhelming response, with 171 highly interested attendees, 24 high profile speakers from both the user industry side as well as the technology provider side. It brought Hardware providers, Software providers, System Integrators, Content makers and Application Developers under one roof.


The event’s rationale


Until now, VR-AR has been predominantly been used in Entertainment and Gaming industries. But today, with VR-AR devices becoming affordable and accessible and computers getting more powerful, it is possible to create photo realistic worlds and display them on high definition 3D screens to create immersive experiences that are almost indistinguishable from real life.


Industry has started reaping benefits from virtual prototyping. As innovations pick up pace, more industries are identifying ways to use VR-AR.


It was heartening to see 171 delegates turn up in response to the first edition of the VRTECH Conference to explore how AR-VR empowers Design and Manufacturing. The delegates overwhelmed the speakers with their interest, curiosity and kept them engaged with their nonstop questions!


All 24 speakers confirmed that they were more than pleased with the audience response, and felt highly encouraged with the audience interaction. They learned a lot from the whole event and were glad for the opportunity to share their knowledge
with such an enthused audience.


There were 9 sponsors who were demonstrating their equipment and were kept busy at all break times and were thrilled with the attendee interest!


VRTECH aims to help Industry go from drawing boards – to immersive virtual product experiences”.


Stay tuned for the next event, being announced soon!



Event Photos