Mat-Dispens 2018

Venue : NESCO Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai


Right Material – Right Dispensing – Empowering Manufacturing Efficiency

Today’s manufacturing involves complex designs, new materials and an increased focus on Reducing Costs – Maximizing Productivity – Improving Quality.


Today, reducing material wastage while maintaining accuracy is considered a key measure of efficiency in sustainable manufacturing practices, leading to highly advanced technological innovations, making controlled cutting-edge material dispensing possible.


The Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics manufacturing industries are characterized by the high usage of innovative materials and more advanced dispensing systems across various production stages that include metalworking, joining and component assembly, and in India, favorable outlook on these industries is bolstering the growth of this segment.


MatDispens is your chance to connect and influence this target market!


The need for a show like this


Materials – OEMs save time and money – In an industry historically dominated by welding and mechanical fasteners, use of adhesives and high-performance insulation materials as well as potting compounds is becoming mainstream with concerns of structural integrity, safety and energy conservation.


Adhesive use is growing at a momentous rate across manufacturing, because it offer greater production flexibility, lowers product waste and helps accelerate the rate of production.


Dispensing equipment find great scope in automotive, aerospace and electronic components manufacturing in the application of lubricants, adhesives, sealants, epoxy underfill, solder paste, coatings, and flux.

Exhibit profile


• Adhesives of all types – Acrylic, Epoxy resin, Cyanacrylate etc.
• Greases and Oils, Lubricants, Coolants
• Plural component materials such as Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Resins, Silicones
• Sealants
• Thermal Interface Material
• Thermally Conductive gap filling materials
• Potting compounds
• Conformal Coatings
• Encapsulation materials
• Pastes
• Joint sealing compounds
• Other Functional materials


• Dispensing machines, dispensing guns
• Light Curing machines
• Dispensing Consumables and accessories – Syringes, cartridges, needles, barrels, bottles, nozzles, tips
• Dispensing valves
• Metering & monitoring pumps
• Dispensing robots and attachments
• Pressurized Fluid dispensers
• Hot melt application systems
• Mixing systems
• Spraying Systems
• Filling Systems
• R&D centres, Testing facilities

Who will attend

Forward-thinking business managers from Automotive, Aerospace and Electronics Manufacturing who are responsible for their operational growth…

 Process Engineering Department
 Plant / Manufacturing / Functional heads
 Capex procurement heads
 Operations / Project heads / Design heads / Product Development Managers
 R&D / Quality / Product Managers

End user Industries – Visitor Profile


Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturing :

Typical dispensing applications include BIW applications (OEM/), Lubrication, Bonding and Sealing, Potting and Conformal coating applications for Engine Control units, Electronic control units, NVH, glass priming, glass bonding and sealing, electronic component potting and lens bonding, honeycomb potting and edge banding, and kitting systems and filling of Oils, Coolants, Brake Oils.


Lighting (LED) and Electronics Manufacturing :

Potting/encapsulation: For all electronic components used in the industries like sensors/switches/flashers etc. These applications need precise and accurate fluid dispensing. Applications of Thermal interface material (TIM) and Silicones for heat dissipation and Reflection material to prevent light leakage is done. Other typical applications include a wide variety of single and dual component adhesives sealants and coatings. Many elements within these devices are sensitive and fragile and need protection from vibration and environmental contaminants such as dirt, oil and moisture.